April 26, 2018

You Might Be A Community Builder If You…

 5 ways to know you might be a community builder

  1. Invest in people who aren’t waiting on you. Look for groups that have already taken steps to solve a problem together, and give them gradually increasing support. They don’t have to be effective, just committed.
  2. Always work along with community members. Find community members willing to work and become partners with them. Anytime volunteers are working alone in someone else’s community, something is wrong.
  3. Make sure the recipients of your care do what they are able. Every person, no matter how difficult their situation, has the power to act.
  4. Make sure community members participate in setting the goals and the measures. When people measure their own work, that work improves. If you are planning someone else’s community and they are not in the room. Stop until they are.
  5. When your project is finished, make sure you leave behind stronger voices and ownership. If the community finds itself with greater ownership (money, equity, resources) and a greater voice (groups of people working together) you are a community builder.