April 26, 2018

Solutions for Organizations

Common Focus designs and leads meetings and retreats for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Planning, Crisis Intervention, & Board Development:

An Insurance Company . . . holds annual planning sessions. They have brought together the company with its numerous satellite offices so that the staff can look at the chances, opportunities and challenges and create a clear plan for the year.

A State-wide Membership Organization . . . had policies and practices that had been outgrown. Board planning retreats along with small and large meetings to negotiate and ease into the needed changes resulted in the adoption of new policies that open the door for growth in the coming years.

Crisis Intervention: 
A Social Service Non-profit . . . was faced with board and staff conflict. We created together a welcoming place for honest conversations that did not get stuck in finger pointing. It allowed them to create an understanding of how they could work together.

Board Development: 
A Large Local Foundation . . . wanted to hold a retreat that would invigorate the board. We created a one-day session on building passion for the mission of the organization.

A Nonprofit Board . . . was losing the active participation of many of its members. The roles of the staff and the board had become painfully intertwined and the board did not understand its role in setting policy and raising money. The board and the Executive Director were able to negotiate a compelling vision and a clear set of expectations.


List of Common Focus Clients:

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  • The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
  • The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Emory’s Office of University and Community Partnerships
  • The Graduation Generation
  • Everyday Democracy
  • Carl Vinson Institute
  • Families First
  • World Relief
  • Prison Fellowship International
  • The Zeist Foundation
  • Decatur Preservation Alliance
  • Atlanta Pride
  • Angel Flight
  • The Georgia Lion’s Lighthouse
  • St. Ann’s Episcopal Church
  • The Foundation of the Mid-South
  • Kenneth Cole Fellowship
  • The HealthCare Georgia Foundation
  • Georgia Family Connections
  • Georgia Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)