April 26, 2018

Our Services

Common Focus enables neighborhood groups, businesses, organizations, and even entire communities to become stronger by talking and acting together. It is more than talk — it is talk that leads to action.

Jon Abercrombie

Jon Abercrombie

No matter what size group, we specialize in talk that makes a difference. We can help you if you want to create:

  • A common vision and focus for your group or community.
  • Common ownership that brings your organization and your community together.
  • New solutions for your problems by tapping into new group creativity.
  • Ongoing plans and make sure your ideas and solutions are not forgotten.

Organizational Solutions
 If you are an organization that wants to plan for the future, renew and build your board or resolve a crisis, then Common Focus can help. Look here for more information.

Community Solutions
 If you are a community or neighborhood group that wants to address a difficult community problem, face controversial issues, or plan for the future, Common Focus can help. From community groups to city councils and county commissions, Common Focus can help you solve your own problems. Look here for more information.