April 26, 2018

Community Reports

Community Building is not just a philosophy — it is a method that works.

Across the country, people are organizing to build stronger and healthier communities. Their stories and the results of their work are inspiring. Common Focus will keep an ear to the ground and let you know where hope and hard work have led to real change.

If you have stories of success and of the triumph of communities over their problems and crises let us know!

The Antigonish Movement

How a community used co-ops to change their world. Read more…

The Decatur Study Circles:  Conflict Was Our Greatest Gift

How law suits, yelling matches and arguments led to a stronger community.  Read more..

Georgia Avenue Food Co-op:
Turning Food Sharing Into Community Building

Food Co-opThis is the story of one of my favorite groups. Through hard work and by using the gifts and talents of their community, the co-op members have moved from handing out food to building a community based on pride and relationships. Read more…