April 26, 2018

Creating Community: Living Boldly Without Fear

I saw an artist, who is also a character, painting.  Like his paintings or not (it did not seem to matter to him).  He painted with joy.  He slapped the paint on his large canvas.  He danced to joyful music while he painted.  The secret, Jonas said in his video Letting Go, is to “give up results, … read more

Change that Helps and Does Not Hurt

I have been asking myself.  “Are our efforts to create better communities undermining the ability of residents to create their own communities? Can we do more good and less harm?” Most of you reading this share an interest in making the world a better place to live for all of us, particularly those who have … read more

First, Grill Some Chickens

Where Community Building Begins… Where does the passion and energy for building community come from?  How can we tap into that passion and energy? When I often ask these questions to groups that have come together to build a stronger community, the responses often go back to early family memories.  They also go back to … read more

Building Community? Look for joy!

Organizations, expertise, and access to plenty of data can be important elements to improve struggling communities.   Unfortunately, this help can also undermine community building and discourage residents.  There is a better way to start. I propose we spend more time looking for community joy.  Joy in a community or in any social system usually indicates … read more

Some People Say Communities Can’t Change, Some People Are Wrong

Communities can change, people can make a difference, and they do not have to wait on government programs and professional expertise to improve their lives.  That is good news in a world where we have less money to pay for the changes important to us and to neighborhoods of all sorts. Some people say we … read more