April 26, 2018

Breathe Deeply, It’s Inspiration

Today I find myself thinking about inspiration.  I am thinking about the ways that the life of my spirit somehow infuses the paintings that stir my heart and the deep emotions that capture me when I see community come alive. Here is a story that inspires me and gives me passion about the power of community. The … read more

The Messy Art of Community Building

Creating better and evermore expensive and extensive systems of social change will seldom deliver promised success.  We don’t live or thrive in tightly designed and imposed systems of social change.  Peter Block wrote, “It is out of the subjectivity and complexity of life that transformation emerges.”  Painting and community building are messy forms of art.  … read more

The Art and Magic of Community

Today starts the 15-day blogothon of C4 Atlanta, which is a website that supports artists of all kinds.  To participate we all commit to writing a blog each day and to read two other blogs. C4 asked the question, “What do you want to be remembered for?”  At 66 that is already on my mind.  … read more