April 26, 2018

Articles and Interviews

Community Building Basics:
Viewpoint, Articles & Interviews

Here are some recent or particularly noteworthy articles. Consult the sidebar on the right for a full listing of articles.

The Danger of Helping
by Jon Abercrombie. They urge to help the less fortunate is a marvelous human trait. Sometimes, however, the desire to help can be destructive. How can we really help? Read more…

imgSo What if Everyone is Sacred?
by Jon Abercrombie “They are the homeless, the drug addicts, the terrorists.” No matter who “they” are, our connection to other human beings and how we engage them is changed if we are all sacred. How can faith change every relationship? Read more…

Interview With John McKnight
John McKnight is the Director of Community Studies at Northwestern University on the outskirts of Chicago. He is the author of The Careless Society and co-author of Building Community from the Inside Out. Read this interview in which John talks about the citizen action movement.